Collection: Salt Nic

Salt Nics are concentrated variants of e-juice that can provide higher nicotine levels, but without the harsh throat hit and large vapor production.

*Salt Nic products are NOT intended for use on sub-ohm tanks*

42 products
  • Cali Breeze - Salt Nic
  • Frost Dragon Salt Nic
  • Ghost Town Salt Nic
  • Strawberry Cream - Salt Nic
  • Rainbow Drops Salt Nic
  • Mist Salt Nic
  • Tropical
  • Reloaded
  • Punched
  • Gooshers
  • The Salty One: Strawberry
  • Morning Melon - Salt Nic
  • Muse Salt Nic
  • Watermelon Apple Salt Nic
  • Oasis Salt Nic
  • Sour Melon Salt Nic