Banana Butt E-Liquid

Busy Vaper is proud to announce the arrival of the infamous Banana Butt E-Liquid! This e-juice collection provides a cheeky lineup of two flavors that are obviously banana-focused. The e-juice collection has two very obvious flavors: the Right Cheek and the Left Cheek. Both flavors specialize in producing the highest-quality fruitdessert & candy flavors in 60ml & 120ml bottle size options and nicotine strength options of 0%, 3% & 6%.

You have two Banana Butt Cheek Options:

Left Cheek: This candied dessert banana e -juice produces a fantastic flavor of banananut topped with banana candy. Get nut on at:

Right Cheek: This custard banana e-juice produces wonderful flavors of banana, custardoatmeal & cookie in one vape. Get yours at:


If you read this far, we are happy to reward your attention with a 25% OFF COUPON using coupon code: 25%busyvaper

Lucky you!

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